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Knock, knock, knocking on 10,000…

… words, that is. As of today, I stand at 8,673 words in my first draft — and it’s been only 18 days since I started.

For others, that may be a very low word count, but for me, it’s very much a small victory. I’ve always struggled with my productivity when working on original fiction. It took me 6 years to finish the first draft of my only (so far) completed manuscript, remember? I think it may have taken me months to reach this word count with that other manuscript. So yes, I will sure take it :).

And speaking of first drafts — or rather, this specific one — I think it might be time for me to give you a little more information on the story and its cast of characters. For weeks now, I’ve talked about the giddiness it’s inspired in me, and though it will still be another year before this first draft sees the light of day — and longer before it’s been revised and polished enough times for it to be ready to be shared publicly — I do want to begin to share with you what’s got me so excited in the first place.

So… I present to you a primer on The Polaris Trilogy.

Intrigued? Follow me on WattPad, where I’ll be posting prequels set in this world, and you can begin to get to know the characters you’ll be meeting in a few years’ time.

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