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It has begun…

Revision has officially begun! I’m in day 4 of working on the second draft and in the process of writing new material for a chapter I need to put in place of one that had to be scrapped. How good it feels to write new material for this world again :).

And because I’m so excited to be back at it, I’m sharing a new little tidbit from this new draft:

“Is that what you were hoping for, then?” he said. “That this time would be different? That maybe if you went to university with everyone else, you might get to make some real friends?”

She pushed herself off the desk. This wasn’t something she’d ever given serious thought, but his words had hit a nerve she wasn’t even aware was exposed to begin with.

“I’m not so sure that’s possible anyway,” she said. “From what I’ve seen… presidents don’t really have friends. Allies, maybe. Supporters. But… I don’t know about friends.”

His mouth curved in a smile. “Well then,” he said, “let’s prove that thought wrong.”

Like it so far? Stay tuned for more tidbits… 🙂


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Silicon Valley marketer by day, novelist-in-training by night--running addict, foodie, bookworm, pop culture enthusiast, and aspiring philanthropist in between.

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