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Back at it again…

I’m about to start training for my 6th marathon this weekend. So it seems somewhat fitting that earlier this week, I began training for another kind of marathon: writing book 2 of my Polaris trilogy.

As you might have gathered from the previous statement, yes, I did finish The Polaris Uprising! Woohoo!! It was amazing to cross that finish line, of course, but I did end up celebrating quietly because I realized that my true “finish line” isn’t completing the manuscript; it’s seeing it in print. Seeing it in bookstores, on e-readers.

So until that day, I will hold my “celebration to end all celebrations” — although I will hold on to the feeling of accomplishment for getting to this point at all because let’s face it, the path to get here wasn’t easy either!

You might be wondering why in the world I’m plunging back in again and embarking on a “new” marathon. After all, some of you may remember my story that when I finished my first marathon, I was telling everyone left and right I would never, ever, ever do another one of these things again, and if I ever spoke of another one again, I gave people permission to call me crazy.

5 months later I ran my second marathon.

See where I’m going with this?

I love challenges. But more importantly, I love challenges that come from things that give me passion. Writing, like running, gives me tremendous passion. This story gives me passion. These characters, this world give me passion. I’m not ready to let go of them yet, and I want to tell their whole story — and until then, it won’t feel over to me, and I’ll keep running these marathons.

So as I start that terrifying, frustrating, but ultimately thrilling journey of writing the continuing saga of Ryla, Alanna, and Owen, I can’t help but think how fortunate I am that 10 months ago (almost to the day, in fact), a little seed of an idea took hold in my brain and wouldn’t let go. Whatever happens and wherever the road takes me with these guys, I will always be grateful for the privilege of writing about them.

Now onward with the “training”!

Back to this again... mapping out the key storylines for book 2!

Back to this again… mapping out the key storylines for book 2!

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Silicon Valley marketer by day, novelist-in-training by night--running addict, foodie, bookworm, pop culture enthusiast, and aspiring philanthropist in between.

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